All production steps are done internally and all other superfluous costs are cut, that is why we can call ourselves the most efficient and automated producer in the Tex Mex market.

Our continuous expansion of production capacity follows the market growth. Maximum flexibility and minimum complexity is our key feature. We will adapt our product to your needs.

Poco Loco has more than 20 years of experience in the production of tortilla chips, flour tortillas, taco shells and dinner kits.

Tortilla chips

First the corn flour is mixed to a dough that is pressed through cylinders and shaped into chips. The shaped dough is then toasted to obtain its specific grillmarks and taste.

After the toasting, the chips are deep fried, seasoned with only the best spices and herbs and carefully packed to protect taste and texture.

Tortilla Wraps

Wheat flour is mixed to a dough and shaped in balls. The balls are then flattened to obtain the typical shape. Next, the flour tortillas are oven baked, cooled down and carefully packed to protect their taste, flexibility and softness.

Taco shells

Round shapes are formed from a sheet of corn masa dough and are passed through a baking oven. Once out of the oven, the tacos are folded into the typical shell and deep-fried.

The taco shells are immediately packed to maintain their great taste and crispy texture.

Dinner Kits

Our dinner kits lines meticulously put together a variety of dinner kits or snack boxes, each individually made up of a pack of wraps or chips, a pouch of salsa and a sachet of spice mix.