Among our many strengths, we focus on three key areas.
We make sure that only products of the best quality leave our factories, we focus on permanent innovation of our product range and we continuously invest in the newest technology.

Our strengths are visible in every Poco Loco product.


Only the best products guarantee full satisfaction. The highest quality, food security, hygiene and authenticity standards are applied at our production sites. Our IFS higher level and BRC grade A labels guarantee permanent quality, which is also important when it comes to export representing the majority of our turnover. The quality of our end products is guaranteed by a lab on site.

We enable complete traceability from raw material to finished product. We guarantee a strict GMO policy: all our products are made without genetic manipulation. Great attention is given to specific markets and therefore our range includes organic, kosher and halal food products.


That is what we like to focus on. And being Poco Loco (a little crazy) won’t hurt! We ensure permanent innovation of the product range.

Our marketing department screens the market for trends and opportunities and our experienced NPD team creates the most delicious products. In our taste lab, new and existing products are meticulously evaluated by a trained panel.


Only the latest technology is used in our three production sites in Roeselare (Belgium) and Milton Keynes (UK). Our process is fully automated, from production to warehousing and logistics. This enables us to produce at a high speed whilst keeping costs low.

Although we already have state of the art machinery and technology, we don’t rest on our laurels. We continuously invest in new technology, machinery and processes.
Our capacity expansion follows the market growth.