At Poco Loco, we offer a wide range of food products to our customers from all over the world.

From a variety of tortilla wraps, to tortilla chips and snacks in many shapes and flavours, dinner kits, spice mixes and salsas: our products travel the world!

Maintaining a maximum flexibility for our customers and a precise management of operational complexity is our key feature.

Our mission is exploring great taste.

Our mission is exploring great taste.

This covers the entire scope of our business. It is our compass in all daily and long-term operations. It is also a manifestation of the inspiration, passion and commitment that drives our company forward.

At Poco Loco, we offer customers a wide range of flour tortillas, corn snacks and other related products, produced in the most cost efficient way with the latest technology available and with the highest food safety and quality specifications.

Peter Denolf, Managing Director

Our business philosophy is to achieve maximum flexibility, minimum complexity and a greater speed

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We strive for cost

to be a low cost production platform for private label and co-packing.
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We put our
customers first

by delivering high service levels, efficiency and speed in all processes.
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We seek long term partnerships

with customers and suppliers.
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We embrace quality,
taste and high product innovation

as the foundation for everything we do, always keeping the consumer in mind.
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We aim to be a
great place to work

We value our employees and seek to help them achieve their full potential.
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We foster our
ethical principles

aligned with the principles of the UN Global Compact. By working in the same direction we aim to achieve real change and improvements for people all over the world.

Corporate responsibility


The foundation of our sustainability work and our approach to sustainability is built on our values, ethical principles and company culture. A key aspect of our sustainability work is acknowledging our role in society.
Paulig Group’s sustainability programme is built on the sustainability topics found to be the most relevant for our company and stakeholders and where we have the greatest impact. Thus far, most effort at the Group level has been put into developing an ethical business culture, leadership and a sustainable supply chain. As many key topics cover a scope wider than the Group’s own operations, there is a great need to actively collaborate with other parties. For example, in sourcing this is fundamental and we have been working for years with our suppliers and partners both to improve performance and to have a positive impact through various sustainability programmes and activities.

Read more about our sustainability work in the Paulig Group Sustainability Report 2017.

Our ethical principles

  1. We avoid conflicts of interest
  2. We exceed the consumers’ expectations
  3. We foster a responsible way of working
  4. We care for the environment
  5. We respect people
  6. We build trust