Poco Loco wins Lean and Green Award


Roeselare, February 7th, 2018 – On Tuesday 6 February, the Lean and Green Award was presented to Poco Loco by the Belgian Federal Minister of Mobility François Bellot. The Lean and Green Award is given to businesses that commit to improving the energy efficiency of their transport and logistics’ activities, and to cutting their CO2 emissions by at least 20% in a 5-year period. The Lean and Green programme is currently running in 8 European countries.

Poco Loco intends to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of all its logistics’ activities by a minimum of 22% in the period 2016-2021. To do this, all logistics’ activities that the company has control over have been closely analysed, and various initiatives are being rolled out. For example, the loading of each pallet is being optimised, and efforts are made to avoid unused space on lorries, through combining journeys. The recently opened fully automated high-bay warehouse also makes an important contribution to this end. The warehouse is connected to the production site on the Rumbeeksegravier via a bridge over the road. Thanks to this physical connection between the two, there is no need for shuttling between the production site and distribution centre, saving around 25,000 lorry journeys per year.

In the coming years, the impact of all CO2-reducing initiatives will be closely monitored.

In this video, watch how the automatic transport lanes in the production areas, the bridge and the warehouse transport the pallets of raw materials and finished products: