Snack Food Poco Loco invests in new production lines

expansion production lines 2015

Roeselare, May 15th 2015 – next month, Snack Food Poco Loco will install 2 new production lines and hire 75 additional employees.

In 2015, Snack Food Poco Loco celebrates its twentieth anniversary, but 2015 happens to be also a year in which Poco Loco will set new milestones in the story of continuous growth. At the end of last year, Poco Loco decided to invest 12 million euro in 2 new production lines that will be operational as of May and June 2015.

This expansion is necessary to meet with the progressive demand of our customers. “When a retailer or a catering chain wants to introduce our products in their assortment, we need to act quickly. Maximum flexibility and a mimimum complexity is our motto”, says Managing Director Peter Denolf. “This is essential for our customers. Thanks to this expansion, we can continue to guarantee this flexibility and speed.”

In addition to this expansion, Swedish sister company Santa Maria has recently decided to move the production of tortilla chips from Sweden to Roeselare by the end of 2015.

The expansion of production capacity is closely linked to the search for additional employees. By the end of 2015, Snack Food Poco Loco wants to hire 75 new employees, mostly machine operators and technicians, but the growth will be noticed in all departments.