The story begins in 1994 with the establishment of Poco Loco. In 1995, the first tortilla chips are produced and shortly afterwards the product range is expanded with tortilla wraps.
Poco Loco has now become one of the leading European manufacturers of Tex Mex products.


The fully automated high-bay
warehouse is put into operation.


Poco Loco’s turnover exceeds 250 million euro.


Apart from the two production sites in Roeselare, Poco Loco now has a third production site in Milton Keynes (United Kingdom).


Poco Loco starts the construction of a fully automated high bay warehouse next to the Rumbeeksegravier production facilities.


Poco Loco’s turnover exceeds 200 million euro.


Poco Loco broadens its tex mex scope with snacking and bakery products and introduces a new logo and corporate style.


With production booming, administration needs to keep up. Poco Loco builds brand new offices next to the production unit.


Paulig Group, a privately owned company, acquires 100% shares of Poco Loco, providing a solid base for future growth of Poco Loco.


To improve logistics and to keep service levels high, the Mandelstraat distribution center opens in 2007, good for 22.500 pallets.


Only 10 years later, production can’t keep up with the demand and a second production unit, also in Roeselare is inaugurated.


Things are moving fast. The sales are a big success and Poco Loco opens a brand new production plant in Roeselare.


Our history begins in 1994, with the foundation of the company. In 1995, the first tortilla chips were produced in an old garage in Roeselare.