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Attractive salary package

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We reward your efforts with an attractive salary package. Everything starts with a good wage and punctual payment is a matter of course for us. In addition, we offer a wide range of interesting extra-legal benefits, such as dental and hospitalisation insurance, a safety bonus, and meal vouchers.

Team spirit

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Our enthusiastic employees are the “tastemakers” for the atmosphere in the workplace. As well, working together and ensuring our growth are our core values. That way, every working day tastes like more.

Training & coaching in your job

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As a new employee, you will receive proper training on the floor so that you have all the necessary knowledge and skills to do a great job. We will also continue to support you after your orientation.


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As an international company, we broaden our view and exchange experiences continuously. We extend this to the work floor with a fascinating mix of dozens of nationalities. 

Modern tools and machines

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We always think ahead and invest continuously in our state-of-the-art facilities and tools. Thanks to our advanced machinery and efficient IT tools, you can keep up with the latest developments.

Growth opportunities

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Ambitious employees will have every opportunity to grow internally or to follow training courses—at Poco Loco you bring out the best in yourself.


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Our ambition is to be a sustainable leader in the food industry. Caring for people and the planet are central to our growth ambitions.

Safety and well-being

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Safety in the workplace and the well-being of everyone are a priority. Taking care of yourself and your colleagues, that is the core of our “Yes, we care” programme.


Paulig: family-owned, international company

At Paulig we have a common goal: a life full of flavour. We are a family business, as well as an international group in the food industry first founded in 1876 and known for our high-quality products such as coffee, spices, world foods and snacks. Our portfolio includes strong brands: Paulig, Santa Maria, Risenta, and Poco Loco.

At Paulig, we are a team of more than 2,000 passionate employees in 13 countries together striving for a life that is both full of flavour and sustainability. The company wants to be a change leader because we believe that flavour is the key to a better world—what we have on our plate or in our cup today makes all the difference for the future.

Together for a better world

Paulig produces in Roeselare tortilla chips and wraps, dinner kits, and taco shells. The packaging of our products may state that cornflour or flour are the main ingredients, but the real basis of our recipe for success are our employees. We incorporate a portion of our ambition and team spirit into everything we do, offering our workers an attractive salary and attractive fringe benefits. Will you also be part of our growth story?

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1 Grow Together.

Grow Together.

We’re writing a story of continuous growth, which translates into an increasing customer base, production capacity, and turnover figures. In order to accomplish this, we rely day after day on our competent employees, because we strongly believe in our culture of growing together. Aside from excellent team spirit, professional development is also a crucial pillar to our human resources policy. As such, the extensive training plan we offer will provide you with every opportunity to grow in your position and in the organization as a whole.

2 Strive for Excellence.

Strive for Excellence.

We strive for a pleasant working environment, one where working hard and having a good time go hand in hand. We may laugh and enjoy ourselves a great deal, but nevertheless strengthen our performance at the same time. It’s just because everyone is in ‘a good place’ that you can give everything you’ve got, every day. Our customers naturally benefit from our efficient, high-quality, rapid, and affordable production process. This allows us to secure our position as a market leader and maintain our various quality labels. Finally, we never lose sight of the environment, people, and our surroundings.

3 Stay Curious.

Stay Curious.

We dare to say that our working environment is highly modern and that everything is been put together well. Our production staff and technical colleagues have access to the very best in working instruments, yet since everyone knows that standing still is no different than moving backwards, we constantly test and adopt new forms of automation in addition to regularly adjusting our working methods. All ideas are welcome which is why we ask our people about their concerns every year. It goes without saying that we also act upon their suggestions.

They listen to what you need in order to grow.

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We get to work with the newest machines. It’s intense, but very interesting.

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