So many reasons
to join Poco Loco

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So many reasons
to join Poco Loco

Attractive pay

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You matter to us—and so does your pay check! We offer all employees an attractive salary and a prompt payment.

Team spirit

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Our committed employees add the Loco to the Poco. Team spirit and job satisfaction are our core values, because we know that together we get the best results.


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As a new employee, you will receive a solid on the job training, so that you can immediately find your role in our well-oiled machine.

Paulig Group

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We critically examine our production processes and regularly consult with international experts for advice to better optimize our working methods and procedures.

Fringe benefits

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We cherish our employees and offer fringe benefits that matter, such as dental and hospitalization insurance.

State-of-the-art machines

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We like to push boundaries. As such, we have set up a progressive workplace with state-of-the-art machines, which is in line with our grand plans.

Growth opportunities

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Ambitious employees will have every opportunity to grow internally or to follow training courses—at Poco Loco you bring out the best in yourself.


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We are actively working on sustainability. Our goal? Being and continuing to remain a leader in social responsibility, environmental awareness, and well-being.


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Safety in the workplace is our priority. As such, taking care of yourself and your colleagues is of paramount importance at Poco Loco.

Job security

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Job security trumps all at Poco Loco! We’re not standing still, and that’s good news for you. With us, you are safe for the future.


Poco Loco and Paulig: a local and international mix

Poco Loco produces tortilla chips and wraps, dinner kits, and taco shells. Have you ever bought any produced by a private label? Then there’s a good chance they were made by our team.

The packaging of our products may state that cornflour or flour are the primary ingredients, but really, the true basis of our recipe for success are our employees. We incorporate their ambition and team spirit into everything we do, offering our people an attractive salary and fringe benefits that matter.

This no-nonsense approach is part of our DNA so you will find plenty of opportunities to excel, whether it be through training, personal guidance, and/or growth opportunities. Because our promise of innovation applies not only to the expansion of our production, enhanced safety or the choice in latest machines, but also to you. Our deep-seated belief is that a great team spirit brings out the best in all of us.

Together for a better world

Since 2010, Poco Loco has been a part of Paulig, a family-owned company in the food and beverage industry. Our missions and visions being completely aligned, we are very proud of this, especially as Paulig is fully committed to growing a new, sustainable food culture – one that is good for both people and the planet. The company’s brands include Paulig, Santa Maria, Risenta, Gold&Green, and Poco Loco. Together, we take care of the things that bring flavour to our lives: coffee, Tex-Mex and spices, snacks, and plant-based food.

At Paulig, we are a team of more than 2,000 passionate employees across 13 countries striving together for a life full of flavour and sustainability. Paulig wants to be a sustainable frontrunner because we know that taste is key in building a better world. What we put on our plate or in our cup today, will make a difference tomorrow. And you can be a part of that!

1 Grow Together.

Grow Together.

We’re writing a story of continuous growth, which translates into an increasing customer base, production capacity, and turnover figures. In order to accomplish this, we rely day after day on our competent employees, because we strongly believe in our culture of growing together. Aside from excellent team spirit, professional development is also a crucial pillar to our human resources policy. As such, the extensive training plan we offer will provide you with every opportunity to grow in your position and in the organization as a whole.

2 Strive for Excellence.

Strive for Excellence.

We strive for a pleasant working environment, one where working hard and having a good time go hand in hand. We may laugh and enjoy ourselves a great deal, but nevertheless strengthen our performance at the same time. It’s just because everyone is in ‘a good place’ that you can give everything you’ve got, every day. Our customers naturally benefit from our efficient, high-quality, rapid, and affordable production process. This allows us to secure our position as a market leader and maintain our various quality labels. Finally, we never lose sight of the environment, people, and our surroundings.

3 Stay Curious.

Stay Curious.

We dare to say that our working environment is highly modern and that everything is been put together well. Our production staff and technical colleagues have access to the very best in working instruments, yet since everyone knows that standing still is no different than moving backwards, we constantly test and adopt new forms of automation in addition to regularly adjusting our working methods. All ideas are welcome which is why we ask our people about their concerns every year. It goes without saying that we also act upon their suggestions.


“Poco Loco invests and innovates — not only in resources, but also in people. You really feel like the company takes care of its people. You can grow at the same pace and be proud of your job, so you can go full steam ahead.”

Koen Sales Support

“I started as a packer and have become a line operator in the meantime. My managers and colleagues have been a big support to me; I have been able to really grow here and that is something I truly appreciate.”

Jacob Operator

“At Poco Loco, people are aware of your skills and respond to them. The company is constantly growing and you grow together with it. Whenever there’s a problem, people take the time to discuss things—we take good care of each other.”

Anja Team leader

“Hygiene and quality are of paramount importance at Poco Loco and Paulig. This means you receive excellent support and supervision. The night shift is now perfectly attuned, the only topic of discussion remaining which radio station we listen to…”

Teffany Lab assistant

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