Poco Loco offers exciting jobs.

Poco Loco is a company in full expansion. We have two production sites for chips, taco shells, wraps, and dinner kits, storing all these delicious things in a high-rise warehouse, with a new tortilla production plant currently under construction. Poco Loco has about 735 employees, yet we are constantly on the lookout for extra colleagues to join our team! As they say, many hands make light work.

Our departments

Browse our open positions by department to find a job that perfectly suits your talent. Did you not find a suitable job? Then don’t hesitate to apply spontaneously! Who knows? The future may hold new opportunities!

Your future is safe with us

Job security trumps all at Poco Loco! We’re not standing still, and that’s good news for you. With us, you are safe for the future.

We keep it safe

Safety in the workplace is our priority. As such, taking care of yourself and your colleagues is of paramount importance at Poco Loco.

We offer a lot of room for ambition

Ambitious employees will have every opportunity to grow internally or to follow training courses—at Poco Loco you bring out the best in yourself.

You work in a modern environment

We like to push boundaries. As such, we have set up a progressive workplace with state-of-the-art machines, which is in line with our grand plans.

We cherish your talents

We cherish our employees and offer fringe benefits that matter, such as dental and hospitalization insurance.

We invest in knowledge and innovation

We critically examine our production processes and regularly consult with international experts for advice to better optimize our working methods and procedures.

You learn the ropes quickly

As a new employee, you will receive a solid on the job training, so that you can immediately find your role in our well-oiled machine.

It’s nice working here (really!)

Our committed employees add the Loco to the Poco. Team spirit and job satisfaction are our core values, because we know that together we get the best results.

We value your commitment

You matter to us—and so does your pay check! We offer all employees an attractive salary and a prompt payment.

Sustainability is in our DNA

We are actively working on sustainability. Our goal? Being and continuing to remain a leader in social responsibility, environmental awareness, and well-being.