Afdeling: Engineering


At Poco Loco and Paulig, we’re constantly on the go. In Roeselare we currently have two production plants for chips, taco shells, wraps, and dinner kits. And we are building a new production plant for tortillas.

A new factory for us means new opportunities for you! We are looking for 100 new colleagues to help shape our future. Will you join our team as technician?


Your job

Millions of chips, tortillas, tacos and dinner kits roll off our high-tech and highly automated production lines. As a technician you ensure that all our machines continue to run smoothly:

  • You are responsible for the preventive maintenance of our lines (mechanical & electrical).
  • You can intervene quickly and accurately in the event of a malfunction: you quickly recognize a technical problem and are capable of solving it efficiently.
  • You will have the opportunity to participate in projects related to the installation of new machines.
  • You actively make proposals to prevent malfunctions or to improve the overall process.

Your profile

  • You can work independently, but you are also a real team player who takes into account the different steps in the production process.
  • You are stress resistant, know how to tackle things, and you appreciate that not every day is the same.
  • You have preferably followed an electromechanical, electrical, or mechanical education program.
  • You are willing to work in a 2-shift system (5-13h or 13-21h, alternating weekly) or the fixed night shift (21-5h).

We offer you

There are plenty of reasons to join Poco Loco, such as:

  • a permanent job with an attractive salary and numerous fringe benefits, such as meal vouchers, and hospital and dental care insurance, along with the occasional nice gift
  • excellent coaching and continuous guidance to assist your growth in your job as part of our gratifying team
  • a modern working environment in which your safety and well-being are key


Take your chance and apply now! We’ll get back to you soon! 

Technician image

The application process

  1. Come work with us
  2. The first interview
  3. Online test
  4. The second interview
  5. Test day
  6. Contract discussion

Come work with us

Are you interested in one of our open positions? We prefer to receive your application online, via our application form. If we are convinced of your motivation letter and CV, the human resources department will invite you for an initial (remote) interview. If the screening of your CV indicates you’re not eligible, we will inform you as soon as possible.

The first interview

We are curious about your personal story! That is why we take our time during an initial interview to learn more about you: your expectations, motivation, experience, and competences. We, from our side, also communicate transparently about our expectations and will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have. Thus, we can both know who we are dealing with and what you are wrapped (or tacoed!) into.

Online test

Did the first interview go well and have our expectations matched yours? Then you will pass on to the next phase where you will fill out several online tests. This provides us with an even clearer picture of who you are and what makes you, you. These tests can be taken at home whenever suits you; afterwards we will discuss the results together.

The second interview

If, after this first interview, the test results are also positive we will invite you for a second interview. On this occasion you will be introduced to your future manager, so that you can learn more about the position you applied for and the team you may end up a part of. Following this interview, you’ll know whether you’re the perfect salsa to our tortilla—a match made in heaven!

Test day

If you applied for a job in our production facility, we will schedule a test day. You will then work with your future colleagues and manager (remunerated, of course!). If you opt for a supporting position, you will go on an assessment for a day. This way, all parties can find out whether all the ingredients are present for a successful collaboration.

Contract discussion

After a positive final evaluation — also from your side — we will draw up a contract proposal. In fact, a variety of contract types are possible: interim, fixed duration or indefinite duration. Once all of the above steps are complete, we will welcome you with a short presentation. After that, you’re ready to work with us. Welcome to our team!

Working at Poco Loco

  1. Your first day
  2. Your first weeks
  3. Your first months

Don’t stress over your first day at work. Above all, we want to welcome you and show you around your new work environment.

If your manager can miss you for a while, we are happy to show you every facet of our company. After that, a direct colleague will immediately take you in tow, so you can receive an overview of the details your new position entails and get better acquainted with your workplace and your new colleagues.

Food safety and hygiene are extremely important at a food company, but the safety of our people is also an absolute priority.

Therefore, you need to follow several basic training courses (via e-learning) as soon as possible in order to learn the best practices in the fields of HACCP, safety, and prevention. You will follow these courses during working hours, and we provide a quiet place so you won’t get distracted.

During your first months, you will be completing the specific e-training plan for your position step by step.

Think about a training plan to operate the forklift, BA4, and so on. In addition, we schedule several evaluation moments. This is to guarantee that all parties involved can ensure that everything is going smoothly. If you want, we can even adjust your training plan to better fit your needs

Your future is safe with us

Job security trumps all at Poco Loco! We’re not standing still, and that’s good news for you. With us, you are safe for the future.

We keep it safe

Safety in the workplace is our priority. As such, taking care of yourself and your colleagues is of paramount importance at Poco Loco.

Sustainability is in our DNA

We are actively working on sustainability. Our goal? Being and continuing to remain a leader in social responsibility, environmental awareness, and well-being.

We offer a lot of room for ambition

Ambitious employees will have every opportunity to grow internally or to follow training courses—at Poco Loco you bring out the best in yourself.

You work in a modern environment

We like to push boundaries. As such, we have set up a progressive workplace with state-of-the-art machines, which is in line with our grand plans.

We cherish your talents

We cherish our employees and offer fringe benefits that matter, such as dental and hospitalization insurance.

We invest in knowledge and innovation

We critically examine our production processes and regularly consult with international experts for advice to better optimize our working methods and procedures.

You learn the ropes quickly

As a new employee, you will receive a solid on the job training, so that you can immediately find your role in our well-oiled machine.

It’s nice working here (really!)

Our committed employees add the Loco to the Poco. Team spirit and job satisfaction are our core values, because we know that together we get the best results.

We value your commitment

You matter to us—and so does your pay check! We offer all employees an attractive salary and a prompt payment.