Warehouse worker

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Warehouse worker

At Poco Loco and Paulig, we’re constantly on the go. In Roeselare we currently have two production plants for chips, taco shells, wraps, and dinner kits. And we are building a new production plant for tortillas.

A new factory for us means new opportunities for you! We are looking for 100 new colleagues to help shape our future. Will you join our team as warehouse worker?


Your job

Millions of chips, tortillas, tacos, and dinner kits roll off our production lines every day. As a warehouse worker, you will work in our production warehouses or in the distribution warehouse from which our products are distributed. Together with you, we look at which position suits you best.

  • You transport and store pallets with the reach truck, forklift, or pallet truck.
  • You check and verify the palletisation and the carefulness of the stacking.
  • You load and unload trucks.
  • You ensure that all goods are scanned correctly.

Watch this movie to discover how our high-bay warehouse works.

Your profile

  • You work independently and accurately. You are also a real team player who takes into account the different steps in the process.
  • You know how to tackle a challenge, and appreciate that not every day is the same.
  • Experience in a production or warehouse environment and with operating a reach truck, forklift, or pallet truck is an asset.
  • You are willing to work in a 2-shift system (5-13h or 13-21h, alternating weekly) or the fixed night shift (21-5h).

We offer you

There are plenty of reasons to join Poco Loco, such as:

  • a permanent job with an attractive salary and numerous fringe benefits, such as meal vouchers, and hospital and dental care insurance, along with the occasional nice gift
  • excellent coaching and continuous guidance to assist your growth in your job as part of our gratifying team
  • a modern working environment in which your safety and well-being are key


Take your chance and apply now! We’ll get back to you soon!

Warehouse worker video
Warehouse worker

The application process

  1. Come work with us
  2. The first interview
  3. Online test
  4. The second interview
  5. Test day
  6. Contract discussion

Come work with us

Are you interested in one of our open positions? Please submit your CV and motivation letter online, preferably using our application form. If we see a potential match, we will invite you for an initial interview with Human Resources. We will also inform you if there is unfortunately no match.

The first interview

We are curious about your story! In the initial interview you tell us all about your expectations, motivation, experience, and competences. We are also transparent in what we expect and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Online test

If the first interview went well, the next step involves completing several tests online at home, which gives us an even clearer picture of you. We then discuss the results together.

The second interview

If the results of the test are positive, you then proceed to the second interview. There you will meet with your potential manager to discuss specifically the position you are applying for and the team you would be working with. This way you will quickly know if everything fits and feels right.

Test day

If everything seems to fit well and you want to work in production, we then plan a test day where you will work and spend a paid day with your potential colleagues and manager. If you want to work in a support function, we plan a day with assessments. This way, we can determine whether all the ingredients are present for a successful collaboration.

Contract discussion

If the final evaluation is positive on both sides, we will make you a contract proposal. It can be either interim, fixed-term or indefinite. If you sign, you will receive a real welcome presentation and you will be all set to become a Pauligian. Welcome!

Getting started

  1. Your first day
  2. Your first weeks
  3. Your first months

No stress for your first day at work. We will give you a warm welcome and show you around your new working environment.

No stress for your first day at work. We will give you a warm welcome and show you around your new working environment.

Food safety and hygiene are extremely important at a food company, but the safety of our people is an absolute priority as well.

Therefore, you need to follow several basic training courses (via e-learning) as soon as possible in order to learn the best practices in the field of HACCP, safety, and prevention.

During your first months at Paulig you will be completing step by step the specific e-training plan for your position.

For example, training to safely operate a forklift or BA4 safety training. Throughout this period, there are several evaluation moments. This is to ensure that all parties involved know that everything is going smoothly. If you want, we can adjust your personal training plan where ever necessary.

They listen to what you need in order to grow.

Jorge operator

We get to work with the newest machines. It’s intense, but very interesting.

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